Evil Alien Clone

Spacegirl Nika DaVito is a Rock and Roll “Wild Woman” who is sent by the ULTRA headquarters to “Harass and Interdict” the Evil Alien Clone. Nika begins by Blasting her Interstellar Rock at the unsuspecting Alien. As she is known for her Nasty Snatch Wielding Rockin’ Sex shows, Nika starts to tempt the Clone with her sleek, fit body. Coming out of it’s daze, the Alien begins to Beam the Mind Control at Nika, simultaneously releasing the “Alien Probe Harness Snakes”… Nika is partially dazed, regaining her composure and grabs for one of the “Fixed Probes” thinking it’s a Snatch Joy Stick…the battle for control rages…find out who gains the Upper Hand!

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Ditko Fabrikov is a porn fan that creates and manages websites in the xxx space.

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