Anal Sci-Fi Sex

World famous “GO GO DANCER”, COCO, is beamed up to the GALACTIC GIRLS Space Station while she is in the middle of entertaining a screaming crowd with her HOT ASS SHAKING! Coco is a bit “dazed and confused” as she was not prepared to enter the new GALACTIC PORTAL. As the Galactic Powers begin to STRIP her of her “Earthly Clothes”, Coco is getting a bit freaked out due to the fact that her brain was erased of all former Galactic memory! Coco’s seductive “Go Go Dancing” powers are essential to new Galactic Girls projects!!! The only thing she remembered was the Anal Sci-Fi Sex she had with an alien doctor…

Squirting Doctor

Squirting Doctor Crissy Cums is BEAMED to the Galactic Girls “Mother Ship” to test out the New Galactic Fuck Machine. She is told that this could be a hazardous mission as the “bugs” have not been fully worked out! The main goal of this first mission is to “test” the machine and simulate human sexual intercourse. The Galactic Girls Council has been researching Male Humans
as a way of gathering the DNA the Galactic Girls require to further breed their Interstellar Female Humanoid Race. As their Breeders were exterminated in a Cosmic Battle many decades ago, the “backup” Genetic Breeding Formula is getting rapidly depleted. This Galactic Fuck Machine will serve two key purposes; 1) to introduce the Galactic Girls to simulated Humanoid Intercourse with genetic extractions and insertions and 2) train the chosen Galactic Girls how to have Humanoid Intercourse so they can control their proposed plan of CAPTURING SUTABLE MALE HUMAN SPECIMENS
to Regenerate the Galactic Girls Breeding Program!!!

Evil Alien Clone

Spacegirl Nika DaVito is a Rock and Roll “Wild Woman” who is sent by the ULTRA headquarters to “Harass and Interdict” the Evil Alien Clone. Nika begins by Blasting her Interstellar Rock at the unsuspecting Alien. As she is known for her Nasty Snatch Wielding Rockin’ Sex shows, Nika starts to tempt the Clone with her sleek, fit body. Coming out of it’s daze, the Alien begins to Beam the Mind Control at Nika, simultaneously releasing the “Alien Probe Harness Snakes”… Nika is partially dazed, regaining her composure and grabs for one of the “Fixed Probes” thinking it’s a Snatch Joy Stick…the battle for control rages…find out who gains the Upper Hand!

Futuristic BDSM Porno

In this Futuristic BDSM Porno, Ashley Renee has been transported to the Alien Experimental Laboratory as she was getting ready for an “Earth Based” magazine shoot! She is dazed, yet still believes she is posing for the camera! The Alien Humanoid enters the Laboratory with “Captured Restraints” to hold her in place so her Pussy can be accessed. As Ashley realizes that she is no longer on Earth she begins to struggle and scream! The Alien Humanoid uses one of the captured “Mouth Gags” to gain full control over her and now she is helpless…As the new High Velocity Pussy Extractor is being set up, Ashley’s fear reaches a new level…What is this Alien Device?…Stay tuned as this saga unfolds…